Marathon Bingo: A Game for the Spectators

L5RZvHo*Guest post*

When we run races, we can’t resist the urge to tell our friends and family to come and watch us run the race of our lives. This is especially true when it’s your first time running a marathon, and sometimes, even when we don’t want them there, friends and family still find a way to show up.

But let’s face it: marathons are LONG by nature, and a lot of time can pass when you’re watching from the sidelines, waiting for your racer. Because of this, Susan Lacke of Competitor Running has come up with a fun game of Marathon Bingo that your loyal spectators can play.

Just like races, bingo games have been adapted to fit a variety of themes and causes over the years. For example, we see Race for the Cure events in support of breast cancer awareness, and Free Bingo Hunter reports “Pink Fridays” being held in some bingo portals throughout the month of October. So, this particular bingo game helps ease the monotony of waiting for a marathon to end — and adds a fun twist to just watching all those racers run by.

To play Marathon Bingo, your spectators just need to keep an eye out for all of these funny things – a nipple bleeder, obnoxiously bright shoes, a power-walker, etc. You can create several bingo cards using’s services, too, and invite fellow spectators to join in the people-watching-palooza.

What do you recommend to your spectators to help pass the time while you’re running a marathon?


3 thoughts on “Marathon Bingo: A Game for the Spectators

  1. Now this is awesome!! Wish I would have had this Sunday when I was watching the MCM! 🙂

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  2. Non- power walkers, runners just yards ahead of the sweeper truck, jugglers and Larry the Lighthouse. You could look him up.


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