Country Running Q&A

This country road is brought to you by Neltner's Farm.

This country road is brought to you by Neltner’s Farm.

Here at the Bad Angel headquarters, we get lots of content requests and questions. And usually, we’ve got answers (or at the very least, opinions and sarcasm)! But recently, a question about rural running came across our paths, and we just couldn’t deliver.

Chrystan asks: Where I run there are rolling hills and no sidewalks because I live in the country. When I crest a hill, I don’t want a car to smash me to smithereens, so I cross over and run with the traffic. And then I cross over again once I’m over the hill. I would love to know more about country running safety. Is it safer to stay against traffic? With traffic? Hill running sure is complicated!

Great question! In fact, so great, we just aren’t sure what the answer is. If you’re running in the city, we suggest running toward oncoming traffic. But in the country? Playing chicken with traffic? Agh! We turned to expert country runner (and recent Boston Marathon qualifier!), Bad Angel Amy Neltner, for advice.

Amy answers: Running in the “country” is a challenge for sure. I really try to watch the curves in the road and go to the most visible side, whether it be with or against traffic. This being said, I have had many neighbors stop to tell me where they think that I should run, and the majority say that they prefer me to be running against traffic. They have also suggested that I wear a bright yellow road construction vest too, but well, that ain’t happening! And I haul ass on hills that have blind spots! Ha! (I worry less about cars than the amount of road kill and rural life smells that I encounter with running in the country…)

Thanks, Amy! Stay safe, Chrystan! And for the rest of you country folk, how do you navigate those country roads? — Aidz


One thought on “Country Running Q&A

  1. Oh my gosh ya’ll are the best! Can’t wait to read everyone else’s suggestions since im up a hill without a vest over here 😉


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