Bad Angel Rule #185

The secret lies within.

The secret lies within.

Boost your boots.

Hooray! Boot season has arrived!

Wait, what? This is about running. I swear.

Last winter, the winter to end all winters, I discovered something quite wonderful about boot season. Boots are a perfect place to put your running shoe inserts and orthotics. That’s right, those gel/foam/magic orthotics that make your run so much more comfortable? They’ll turn your beautiful boots into a secret serenity for your running aches and pains.

I battled plantar fasciitis the entire winter last year, and my boots with running orthotics were a saving grace. And this year imma continue the trend. Because you gotta treat your feet right. So get to it, break out those boots, because they just turned into the most comfortable staple in your cold-weather wardrobe. —Aidz


2 thoughts on “Bad Angel Rule #185

  1. BONUS – the extra layer of insole will help keep your feet warm!

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