Trot in Style

How To Make a Turkey Trot Costume

I can find good, solid rationale to dress up in costume for almost any occasion. Halloween, holiday parties, birthday festivities, bachelorette parties, spirit week — you name it, I can find a costume for it. All you need is a theme and an event and voila! You’ve got a reason to dress up.

Well, my friends, such an occasion is just around the corner! It’s turkey trot time! Yahoo!

When it comes to running, costumes require special considerations:

  • Sweat wicking
  • Weather elements
  • Comfort
  • Chafing
  • And you know, like, RUNNING

So this Thursday, my husband and I will be embarking on our first ever Turkey Trot as a fun way to kick off Thanksgiving — and our holiday running streak. We’ll be tackling a hilly 5-mile course on the mean streets of Davenport, Iowa. The forecasted race temp: a balmy 19 degrees with wind.

Well, then.

So knowing we’ll need something warm, hill-worthy, comfortable and festive, we decided on (drumroll please) …


To bring our pace-breaking Puritans to life, all we needed were black base layers (a staple of any running wardrobe) and some white peel-and-stick felt.

Pilgrim Chick

Pilgrim Dude

Pilgrim Dude

And, as every costume devotee knows, the details make all the difference. Since we need to keep our giblets from freezing Thursday morning, I fashioned some Mayflower-worthy head gear. I cheated and purchased a lovely half-bonnet from Amazon for myself. I’ll attach it to my ear band. For my husband, I sewed a buckle on his fleece ear band.

Head Gear

Head Gear

We’ll wear white compression calf sleeves to complete the look, and we’ll eat copious amounts of turkey and stuffing afterward, just as our forefathers would have wanted.

Happy trotting, Angels. And happier Thanksgiving! — Aidz


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