Race Giveaway: F^3 Lake Half Marathon

F3HalfMarathonCalling all Bad Angel Winter Warriors!

We’re giving away two race entries to the 6th Annual F^3 Lake Half Marathon on Saturday, Jan. 24, at Chicago’s Soldier Field.

In addition to the free entry ($70 value!), race sponsor REM-Fit will outfit our winners with a new REM-Active, a sleep and activity tracker.

To enter, simply comment on this post. We will announce our winners at the end of December.

Good luck!


23 thoughts on “Race Giveaway: F^3 Lake Half Marathon

  1. Still have race entries to give away? Lol


  2. i would love to run this race as my first half in 2015!


  3. Hey if i can run in the extreme heat why not the extreme cold! Plus I will be running with my Sole Sisters how warm my heart and soul.


  4. I will be truly happy if i get this give away ! After my marathon in chicago i cant wait to run it in the cold winter 😍😍❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️


  5. Wow. It would be amazing to win this.


  6. Sounds like a good first race of the year!


  7. Could use a good race to get me motivated!!


  8. Not too far from home for me. I am in


  9. Sounds like a cool race – count me in!


  10. Just did my first marathon, trying to continue running year round but this cold can sometimes be discouraging. This race would be great motivation to keep going out there!!


  11. Been wanting to do this one for the past 2 years! would love to finally be able to do this one!


  12. I love running in the cold, and it just occurred to me that I’ve never done a winter half?! This would be a great Christmas surprise.


  13. This would be an awesome experience!!


  14. Sure, why not?! I was debating doing the race, so if I win this, it’s meant to be!


  15. I am in 🙂 Cold and frigid road trip sounds intriguing 🙂


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