Gear Check: Face Balm

Don’t hide from the cold, protect yourself!

I have extremely dry skin, so I cannot run in cold weather without a thick protective layer of balm. If I do, I come back chapped and sad, and I don’t have time for that. I have tried a lot of them, and here’s how they measure up:

The Honest Company Healing Balm
Price: $3/oz
Texture: Thick, sometimes grainy (when cold)
Scent: Light and earthy
Effectiveness: This stuff feels great and stays put. It’s a little greasy, so if you are already oily, you might want to avoid this one.
Bonus Feature: It’s all natural, so that feels good.

Skinceuticals Hydra Balm
Price: $6/oz
Texture: Extremely thick
Scent: None
Effectiveness: This is my all-time favorite balm. It isn’t greasy, it stays on for hours, and it’s extremely protective.
Bonus Feature: This product is commonly recommended by plastic surgeons, it’s just that good.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
Price: $0.40/oz
Texture: It’s jelly! A little thinner than the others.
Scent: None
Effectiveness: In a pinch, Vaseline is great. It doesn’t stay on as long, so use it for shorter runs.
Bonus Feature: It’s very affordable, and most people already have it on hand.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment
Price: $2/oz
Texture: Thick, and it doesn’t become more malleable when applied.
Scent: None
Effectiveness: Very protective, and a great option for longer runs.
Bonus Feature: It’s also affordable and easy to find in stores.

I use the Skinceuticals Hydra Balm because I find that it works the best for my skin. In fact, I use it as a night cream in the winter because it’s the only product that still feels hydrating by morning. It’s not cheap, but it works — and that’s normally the case, isn’t it?

Winter is in full force, but don’t let the wind chills keep you from enjoying running outside. Just layer up to stay warm and protect your skin with a soothing balm. Hang in there, Angels, spring is only 71 days away. — Amie



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