Bad Angel Rule #192


Make the Treadmill Work with Speedwork.

As I embark on my first-ever half marathon training plan with actual speedwork, wintery weather has gone from hassle to hazard. Speedwork is challenging enough outside, but when you add ice to the mix, it’s downright unsafe. So last week, I took my speedwork to the ‘mill.

The day’s workout called for a warm-up, followed by 3 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy, 4 minutes hard, 4 minutes easy, 5 minutes hard, 5 minutes easy — and then back on down the ladder, all wrapped up with a cool down.

I flipped on “Jeopardy,” warmed up for a couple of minutes, and away I went.

For quite possibly the first time ever on a treadmill, the minutes flew by. Sure, I was working hard, but as soon as I got uncomfortable (or bored) with a pace, it was time to change it up. (Not to mention, I was kicking some serious Jeopardy ass.) When my focus shifted away from pace and mileage and on to effort and time, I ran faster and enjoyed it more. When it was all said and done, I had logged the easiest, most rewarding miles on a treadmill of all time. And FIVE of them, at that.

Who knew?

So if snow and ice and wind and freezing cold stand between you and your run, head for the treadmill. But instead of heading there with the normal treadmill dread, arm yourself with a speed workout — and prepare to be amazed. — Aidz


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