Bad Angel Rule #193

Grumble, grumble.

Grumble, grumble.

Outsmart the Satellite.

I love love LOVE my Garmin Forerunner 110. But the one thing I do not love about my Garmin is waiting for it to load a signal. This is especially unpleasant during the winter because I do not want to stand around in the freezing cold while the “Locating Satellites” bar toys with my emotions. Just as it’s about to find a signal — BAM! It starts loading again. CURSES!

Just as a watched pot never boils, a stared-at satellite screen never loads. Here are two hacks to outsmart the system:

1. Start your search as you grab your gear. Instead of waiting on your watch, let your watch wait on you. Start searching for a satellite signal and set your watch in a window sill or outside while you pile on your winter gear. Personally, I like to put my watch on the front porch while I put on my gloves and throw a leash on my dog. Then, when I’m all suited up, I step outside and voila! My watch is ready to roll, too.

2. Warm up whilst you wait. I work in the concrete jungle of a downtown metropolitan area. So in order to go outside, I’ve got to exit out of a satellite-killing office building. Since I can’t start my satellite before I start running in this case, I use my warm-up time to get loose and allow my watch to find a signal. I don’t need to track how fast I’m warming up anyway, so I just run comfy for a couple of minutes, and when my watch is ready to go full speed ahead, so am I.

So while some may say “Patience is a virtue,” I say, “Good things come to those who outsmart the system.” — Aidz


One thought on “Bad Angel Rule #193

  1. I hate when I forget to start up my Garmin ahead of time and I end up walking around the park with my wrist held to the sky (because, sure that must help) singing praises to the “satellite” gods.

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