Bad Angel Rule #196

So many shoes. So little time.

So many shoes. So little time.

I used to be the runner who ONLY wore Saucony Hurricanes. And then I developed a neuroma, so I ONLY wore Mizuno Wave Inspires. For a good long time after I shucked the weight of a traditional running shoe, I ONLY wore shoes from the Brooks Pure line.

And then I realized something. Brand loyalty has no place in running shoes. Each year, shoe companies tweak and change their models to improve things, update technology and keep with the current trends. Likewise, as you run, your shoe needs change, so you need to tweak and change your shoes to keep up with your changing body, changing pace and keep up with current trends.

I hemmed and hawed over moving away from my beloved Brooks to switch over to Nike, and since I’ve done it, I’ve become so much more relaxed about my running shoes. In fact, I have three different pairs (four, if you count my “mud” shoes) in rotation to keep things fresh.

Freeing myself from shoe loyalty has been a beautiful thing. I don’t have to worry about whether my shoes are at home or at work, or if they’re still sweaty and gross from the last run or if they clash with my running ensemble (come on, you know you worry about this too). More than that, I’ve found that my body appreciates the variety of insoles, weights and feel of the ground.

So unleash yourself from shoe brand loyalty and give yourself permission to add something new to your running rotation. (Please. Like you really needed permission to go shoe shopping.) — Aidz 


2 thoughts on “Bad Angel Rule #196

  1. So true! My first running shoe was a Brooks Adrenaline and it became my annual shoe. I then decided to try the Mizuno Elixir and fell in love. After they were discontinued I was bummed and tried the Mizuno Inspire. Love those too! I’m back to Brooks and tempted to get the Inspire 11. Do you have any other recommendations? Thanks for sharing!


  2. Just like you shouldn’t pick your shoe by the color, you shouldn’t pick your shoe just by the brand.
    If you run in Brooks or Asics etc, that’s a good place to start. If the shoe worked for you in the past, most likely it will work for you again.
    I think I have three brands of shoes in rotation currently.

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