Run Like Angels

971318_10151540349438366_1619364113_nLast year, I took a trip to Madison, Wis., with Maggie and our friend, Sara, for our first destination race and girls’ weekend. The night before we ran the half marathon, we had a delicious dinner and walked over to the finish line of the Twilight 10K to garner a little inspiration for the morning.

After all, what could be more motivating than watching runners cross a finish line?

What none of us expected was that we would watch runners at this 10K finish line with tears streaming down our faces.

Sure, there were the standard, normal, ordinary runners you find at any race. But the Twilight 10K also offered the three of us our first encounter with myTEAM TRIUMPH.

MyTEAM TRIUMPH pairs athletes with disabilities (called “Captains”) with able-bodied athletes (called “Angels”). In a race, Captains provide the inspiration, while Angels push and pull their Captains. By providing support, mentoring relationships and the chance to cross the finish line, physically-challenged athletes become whole through sports.

Last year, we watched as disabled athletes of all ages and sizes reminded us just how special it is to cross the finish line of a race. I saw a little girl about the same age as my daughter with beautiful pigtails and a huge grin on her face as the crowd roared and she rolled through the finish. A few minutes later, a teenager neared the finish line in his chariot. His team of Angels slowed down, helped him up, and he walked the final steps over the finish line on his own wobbly legs.

I can’t even write about this now without misting over.

Well, THIS YEAR, Sara has decided to run the Twilight 10K as an Angel herself. And why not? We are Bad Angels, after all. It might be nice to actually do some good.

Here’s where you come in! You can help Sara raise money for this inspirational charity. It’s fast, easy and secure — and it’s a wonderful way to share your love of running with someone who would not be able to experience it otherwise.

What do you say, Angels? Let’s help these Angels fly! — Aidz



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