Runner Confessional #1

I hate spring races.

I always do a spring race, but not because I love them. Let’s get real for a second. Racing isn’t always rainbows and unicorns, and here’s why racing in the spring isn’t my thing:  nose-running-spring-allergies-funny-ecard-z48

  1. Training in January and February sucks. I love cold weather running, but I hate dodging the ice and snow. If I must run on a treadmill, it will be for 30 minutes or less and this often (like, always) messes up my training schedule.
  2. Your body wants to hibernate, and you are asking it to migrate. Naturally we hold on to a little more body fat in the winter, and I think it’s harder to train. I feel sluggish and heavy, and I just want to curl up on the couch with a book. This is probably why we should train, but you know.
  3. Acclimating to the warm temps takes time, and spring races don’t care. You’ve been running comfortably in cold air, and then WHAM. You can’t breathe, and your face has a heartbeat. Racing before your body adjusts to the heat just plain hurts. But fall races are the opposite. You’ve worked your butt off in the heat and you get the cold crisp air to race in. It’s magical.
  4. Personally, it’s a challenging time of year. My husband is a soccer coach, and he’s gone basically from February until July. He was home this past weekend — for the first weekend in the last eight.
  5. Spring allergies blow. The experts say to stay indoors, but then, we’re back to the treadmill thing again. Nope.

So yes, I always do spring races, but I’m never really happy about it. That’s why I choose one where I can have fun with friends (like Nashville) to keep me motivated. I’ll be kicking and screaming from January until April, then I’ll be happy I did it. Because the one reason I do like spring races is that they get me into shape to start training for the fall — when the real magic happens. — Amie


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