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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. It’s 1/29/12. Came upon your site while googling breast cancer and flying pig. Are guys eligible to be a Bad Angel. Since my runner wife’s diagnosis 11/22/11 I’ve felt the need to have the spirit of a bad angel runner. Loved the tenacity, laughter, kick-ass spirit I’ve seen here in just a few minutes. Let me know if I can get on board and maybe find BA’s in my area (south central lower MI). Time to go hit the running trail in the snow!


  2. Hi Adrea & running buddies! Have you guys read “Born to Run” yet? Fantastic read, and it will make you question your running shoes. Also, who has run the Exira races? My best friend from college is from Exira – I’ve never met anyone else who has ever heard of Exira! Best, Andrea (Rheinhart) Warnke


    • My husband’s family lives in Exira, and we’re back there every Fourth of July. I have run the 5K and 10K courses. Who’s your friend? Ask her if she knows the Jenkins family. 🙂 — Maggie


      • Hey Maggie! My friend is Megan Erickson – in a town like Exira, I would be surprised if she didn’t know your husband’s family! Bet it is an awesome Fourth of July celebration there!


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