Rookie Rule #23

Bad bib placement.

Bad bib placement runs in this family.

Pin Your Bib Front and Center.

Race gear can get complicated. Layers! Energy supplements! Ear buds! The list goes on and on.

But here’s something you need not over-complicate: Your race bib.

It’s easy, folks. Pin your bib on your stomach. Below your chest, above your crotch, right in the middle of your torso. If you’re questioning bib placement, aim for your belly button. (An added bonus of proper bib placement? It’s flattering to the mid-section. You’re welcome.)

Here are some places you should not pin your bib:

  • The back of your shirt. No one behind you cares what your number is, and photographers can’t tag your photos.¬†Come on, you’re smarter than that.
  • The top of your shirt. Aside from looking dumb, this is going to rub you (potential chafing hazard) and adversely affect the way your shirt moves.
  • Hanging off the bottom of your shirt. If you don’t pin all four corners, you risk annoying bib flappage mid-race. Also annoying, your legs are going to kick your bib.
  • The side of your shirt. Yes, I’ve seen people do this. I have no idea why people would do this. Do not do this.

And please, attempt to pin it on straight. Happy racing, Angels!¬†— Aidz


All These Numbers Add Up to One Happy Person

I keep every bib from every race I’ve ever run. Here they are, in all of their glory. On the back, I write my time and any important information like “First Race!!!” or “baby’s first half marathon” or “Macky and Owen ran the last km with me!” or “wanted to vomit at the finish line.”

Sometimes I pull them out, read them and remember when. These memories inspire me, and they remind me how far I’ve come and where I still want to go. — Amie